Lieutenant Colonel (LTC) Allen B. West (retired) involved in a serious Motorcycle Accident

Garland, TX — On May 23, 2020 , during his motorcycle drive back home from the “Free Texas Rally” in Austin, TX, former FL Congressman Lieutenant Colonel (LTC) Allen B. West (retired) was involved in a Motorcycle Accident when a car cut in front of him. His accident was serious and he is still recovering from his brief hospital stay. West is in stable condition.

Former FL Congressman Lieutenant Colonel (LTC) Allen B. West (retired) currently running for State Chair of the Republican Party of Texas. This picture was taken before his accident.

According to the Local Law Enforcement report “an unidentified vehicle changed lanes when unsafe in front of two motorcyclists. One of the motorcyclist attempted to brake, and the rear motorcyclist crashed into the front motorcyclist.  Both motorcyclists were transported to Baylor Scott and White in Waco to be treated for non-life threatening injuries.”

LTC Allen West suffered a concussion, several fractured bones, and multiple lacerations. Though these injuries are serious, the former FL Congressman West stated, “I am alive by the grace of God.”

The following day, LTC West was released from the hospital and was in good spirits, looking forward to returning home for his recovery. The prayers and well-wishes of many were received and greatly appreciated. West thanks the public for their outpouring of support, and the continued prayers on his behalf are appreciated.

LTC West plans to resume his normal calendar of activities as soon as he’s given clearance by his medical team.

Lieutenant Colonel (LTC) Allen B. West (retired), an avid Motorcyclist, is a former United States Congressman who represented Florida’s 22nd District. A religious Christian, West has been a very outspoken advocate against anti-Semitism in the halls of Congress and worldwide, and is a friend of Israel. He’s a highly decorated 22 year Army veteran who participated in Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm and in the Iraq War. LTC West is also the author of Guardian of the Republic: An American Ronin’s Journey to Family, Faith and Freedom, and his most recent book, Hold Texas, Hold the Nation: Victory or Death, was released by Brown Books Publishing Group. You can hear his latest (and very emotional) interview where he discusses his motorcycle accident with historian and Fox & Friends Morning Host and Radio Broadcaster, Brian Kilmeade (

We wish LTC Allen West all the best and a speedy recovery (in Hebrew we say “Refuah Shlaymah”)!